Sunday, December 14, 2014

Breathe, Trust & Let Go

 I had filled out an application online about 3 weeks ago and I got the call last week to come in for a interview yesterday. I was told to study over a email I had received, it was basically going over what would be going on in the interview. After reading and re reading at least 20 times I began to write out some of the questions, if I write it down to tend to remember it somewhat better. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck about it all. 
My interview was at 12:30 yesterday, I left my house an hour early to be there 15 minutes early. I made two pit stops on the way, first for a caffeine fix, second for a potty break (I cant hold my bladder when I'm nervous). Usually when I am driving by myself I have the radio blasting signing at my best, but not this trip I was repeating one of the questions I had to answer during the interview, over...and over. 
"Why should we hire you?"  
---I have always been a people person and really easy to get along with. I do personally believe that with my communication and multitasking skills,  along with the ability to catch onto new things quickly and my superior work ethic, it would all allow me to excel within this company.--- 
(A bit much I know....)
I pulled in 15 minutes early, looked over my notes again, then went inside. I told the Receptionist at the front desk who I was and that I was there for an interview. She made a phone call to let them know I was there. I sat down in the waiting area, dreading that I would probably be stuck in a room with 4-5 people overly dressed in suites... asking different questions, trying to not let the anxiety overtake my mind. 
A lady that was casually dressed came through the door and said, "Erica?"  I stood up and walked over to her she put her hand out to shake mine, "I am the Manager that will be doing your interview today." Within that instant it was if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. My interview went amazingly well, she was so down to earth and easy to talk too. I didn't even have to answer the question I was reciting on my way there. I know I stressed about it all but at least if I was asked  I would have been prepared rather than looking like a dear in headlights. 
I am happy to announce that within the next month I will be going back to work, I got the job!!
I feel so blessed to have gotten this opportunity, I know at times it may be tiresome and challenging but I can do this, not only for myself but for my Family. 

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