Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The List Dosen't Define ME

I haven't updated sense my Doctors appointment. It all went well at the Huntington's Disease Center of Excellence at OSU. Every Wednesday they have a HD clinic and each patient has a 4-hr appointment, meeting with a Social Worker, Physical Therapist, Medical Students and then your Doctor. I was really impressed with the whole process and how in depth and understanding they all are. I was so happy that my Husband was able to take off work to go with me.

I was put on two medications, one for during the day the other at bedtime. My Dr told me to start taking the bedtime one first for one week then start the day one. I have had issues with the dosage, but I talked it over with my Doctor and it's now fixed. I literally didn't sleep any four nights straight. Tomorrow I start the day pill, and I am anxious to start it. I know with new medicine you are not going to get the correct dosage right the first time, I just hope and pray I don't have any side effects and it helps me. 

One Day At A Time

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